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Gift Ideas For Teachers, What To Buy

It’s The Season For Giving

I feel like I have totally dropped the ball! There’s only a week left of school before the winter shutdown and I have forgotten about Xmas gifts for teachers and daycare workers!

They are such important people in our lives and the lives of our children! And they need to thank for their hard work!


Why should I gift them a gift? Well, honestly, it is hard work! I am not a stay at home mom. I love my kids, but I could not be with kids all day, every day. Teaching and showing and answering a million questions a day. Little kids ask on average 500 questions a day! So that’s a lot of questions to be answering! And the patience required to answer all those questions from all those kids! What these teachers do is very hard work!

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And daycare workers! Wow! The things they do! Teaching children how to talk, and eat by themselves, and manners, and sharing, and socialization and wiping snotty noses and changing diapers and the list goes on!

These people need a little bit of something to say thank you at this time of year!

They are taking care of our most valuable possession, they deserve a little something to show our appreciation!

Gift Ideas

There are lots of possibilities  for Xmas gifts for teachers, and many have been given to teachers multiple times. But really, some gifts are ok to get multiples of.  And it is important to remember, it is not the amount of money that you spend on the gift, it is the thought.  

Gifts Cards

Gift cards are great. This allows the teacher/caregiver to buy what they like. If you have an idea of what they like you can buy from that store, or you can just buy a random one and hope for the best. Here are some places the teachers/caregivers might find useful.

  1. Alcohol – because honestly having to deal with kids all day, if anyone needs a drink it’s them!
  2. coffee – the local Tim Horton’s or Starbucks is always a favorite for people, and who can’t use more coffee and a sweet?
  3. Amazon – I mean, really, everyone nowadays uses amazon, so I don’t think you can go wrong with this.
  4. Grocery store – this may seem silly, but 1) many grocery stores have more than just food and 2) everyone eats so this will not go to waste
Xmas gifts for teachers

Unhealthy Gifts

You know what this category entails, so I don’t need to make this list long, but these are all the things we eat to indulge ourselves.

  1. Chocolates – this is a classic gift, but most people like chocolates
  2. Cookies – you can buy some really nice decedent cookies or make some with the kids, and gift them to the teachers.
  3. Cupcakes – similar to the cookies, but this will require some additional care while being transported to school.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts are always appreciated. They add a nice touch, but some may require additional time. 

  1. Cups – teachers drink coffee and tea just like the rest of us, and they probably go through cups quickly.
  2. Water bottles – with all of the talking teachers do, they definitely need some water during the day!
  3. Tote bags – for carrying all of the papers and supplies around.

Learns how to make customized cups here (same steps apply for water bottles).

Gifts From Kids

If you are going the way of the gift cards listed above, it’s always a nice touch to add a card or something additional from the kids. 

  1. Cards made by the kids – I mean, they are the ones that see the teachers every day they can contribute to the cause. You can check out how to make easy cards here
  2. Xmas ornament made by the kids – it is the holiday season, so you might as well stay in the holiday spirit. You can check out some easy ornaments to make here.

Smelly Gifts

I’m not sure what to call these, but items that have an aroma

  1. Candles – who does not love candles?
  2. Essential oils – lots of people are into these and just love them.
  3. Bath Soaps/bath bombs – who does not like to soak in the tub after a long day?
  4. Hand cream – they are always washing their hands from our germ-infested kids. Their hands are chapped!
xmas gifts for teachers

Gifting Don’ts

Teachers and caregivers spend a lot of their own money on the classroom and learning tools. When you’re giving a gift, make sure it’s a gift for them. Don’t give them a gift to a dollar store or craft store for them to buy supplies for class. 
If you want to help fund the class and their tools, do that! But do not disguise it as a Xmas gift for them. 
I know teachers will love to get donations for their class, and they need that support also. 
So, do not get these two confused.

Don’t forget

Do not forget to attach a card to the gift! If you didn’t have the kids make one in the suggestions above, a store bought one will also work.

homemade gift, xmas gifts for teachers

Final thoughts

I know it is been a tough year for everyone, and finances may be tight – so don’t feel obligated to give a gift. As much as I think teachers and caregivers deserve gifts, they also understand that not everyone can afford them.  

But if you can afford one you should buy Xmas gifts for teachers.  They will appreciate it!

Finally, if you’re not interested in buying a gift, you can also check out this list about making homemade gifts

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18 thoughts on “Gift Ideas For Teachers, What To Buy”

  1. These are so great gift ideas. I have a bunch of teacher friends and while they appreciate the thought behind the ‘worlds best teacher’ mugs, they only have use for 1 or 2. Gift cards to the dollar store etc, are really appreciated because they often spend out of pocket for several projects and lessons.

  2. Oh no! I am absolutely that parent that gifts teachers classroom supplies that they’ve been asking for! I didn’t realize what a bad idea that was! 🙁 Thank you for enlightening me. **unwraps all the expo markers**

    1. If you have already done it, it’s better than nothing! I’m sure they appreciate it nonetheless! I (try) to gift supplies at the beginning of the year and after Xmas break.

  3. These are all great ideas for gifts for teachers and daycare workers. A gift card is always great or a personalized gift made by your kids would be my next choice too.

    1. I’m all about gift cards, and the funny thing is, it didn’t even occur to me when my kids first started day care and school. I though I needed to buy something and I could never figure out what.

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