Canada Day Fireworks

Things to do on Canada Day

Canada Day is Almost Here!

It’s been a crazy year so far and somehow we are only 1/2  done!  And what better way to celebrate 1/2 a year completed than to celebrate Canada Day!

In normal years, there are always lots of things to do on Canada Day, however; this year is no ordinary year!  So, I have compiled the list below of things to do on this upcoming holiday.

8 Things do to on Canada Day!

1. Ribs

In my hometown, there is an annual Rib-Fest every Canada Day.  This is a 4-5 day event where ribs are everywhere.  By the end of the weekend you can literally feel the fat from the ribs oozing out of your pores.  It’s great!  Unfortunately, this year it’s not happening.  So, in honor of this wonderful event the first thing on my list is to make homemade ribs.  I have yet to find a recipe and try it, so I can’t point in you the right direction.  However,  the Waterdown’s Oh Canada RibFest has gone virtual this year, so you can check them out here as well!

Canada Day Ribs

2. Go to a Park

walk in the park

Lots of parks are opened and more are opening up.  Go to a local park for the day for a hike or a bike ride.  Spend some time in nature.  Check out the Parks Ontario website here to see what is and isn’t open.

3. Water Sports

Kayaking or Canoeing is a great way to spend time outdoors and not too close to other people.  Obviously, this requires owning a kayak or canoe, but there are some places that rent them – check out Valens Lake Conservation Area, Christy Lake Conservation Area or Fifty Point Conservation Area for rentals

Water sports, summer

4. Virtual BBQ

Using a web-based meeting tool, such as Zoom, Google Teams, Skype or other,  throw a virtual BBQ!  Send out an invitation to all your friends and have then join you in for your virtual BBQ within a certain time frame, for example between 2-4pm.   This way you can catch up with your friends while maintaining social distancing and still celebrate the day!

5. Fireworks Alternative

Currently, there is a  fireworks ban in my area so there will be no load banging late at night.  For those of us with little kids, this is fantastic!  But for everyone else that enjoys  fireworks, it’s sad times.  

Instead of waiting up until the late hours of the evening, make some homemade elephant toothpaste!  It’s simple and easy and quite the spectacle for everyone to see!  Find the full instructions here.

Canada Day Fireworks

6. Dress Up for the Occassion

Canada Day Shirt

Get into the holiday spirit by putting on your Canada Day shirt, face-paint and tattoo!  Being festive for this occasion, even if it’s in your own backyard, will help make the day more enjoyable!

You still have time to buy a Canada Day Shirt, or you can make your own with this simple tutorial that includes a free design for use.

7. Canada Day Croquet!

Play a Canada Day themed game of croquet.  Place a Canada Day Flag on Each croquet hoop to make the game more festive!  Get a free Canada Flag PFD for printing here It is already sized to the standard croquet hoop, so you just need to print it and apply it to your hoops!

out door games

8. Kids Crafts – Fireworks

Do you have a old toilet paper and paper towel rolls lying around? Why not use them to make a kids crafts?  Make some fake display fireworks!  Most places still aren’t allowing fireworks, so this way the kids will get to enjoy a firework making activity instead!

Also, check out how to make a Confetti Canon here!

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