The Last Long Weekend of the Summer

The last long weekend of the summer is coming!  Or is it here already?  It’s hard to believe that the summer is almost over!  

It’s been a crazy time!  But even with all the craziness, it was nice to have a relaxing summer.  At least more relaxing than normal.

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In past years, our summers were filled with activity after activity, soccer practice, swimming, parks, playdates. We would have people over or go visit someone every weekend. And by the end of the summer, we were just exhausted from doing all the things that we did.

This summer was different as we couldn’t do the normal things we always do, so it was more relaxed. Which was a nice change.  I don’t feel as tired as I have in the past.

But, the last weekend of the summer is coming up quick, and this is the last chance to do summery things before we send the kids back to school. (And I know, sending our kids back to school isn’t going to be normal for everyone).

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Things to do before the summer ends

So, I thought it would be best to mark the end of the summer with a short list of things to do, to make the summer go out on a high note.

A lot of beaches are open and there is often plenty of space to stay away from other people.  A nice day in the sand and water will give kids and parents a good memory.

2. Go to the park:

Parks are always a winner for kids.  There are swings, slides, and monkey bars.  Kids can run around and expend some energy. Just bring some hand sanitizer to clean everyone’s hands before you leave!

3. Check out  the drive-in:

A friend of mine did this the other day.  They took their kids to a drive-in!  I forgot these even existed, but it times like these, this works as a nice way to get out and see a movie!  And with all the technological advancements, it’s a bit more convenient to watch in the car!

4. Have a picnic:

Grab some food in a cooler or a bag, pack a blanket and go for a picnic!  It’s nice to throw in a curve ball during lunchtime and eat on a blanket in the park!  This doesn’t need to be an extravagant meal, even just a nice snack. 

5. Try Geocaching:

Geocaching is still a thing!  And right now, this is a neat activity to do while social distancing.  If you’re not sure what Geocaching is, check it out here.  But it’s a scavenger hunt that is local and global!

6. Go to a local splash-pad:

Along the same lines as going to the park, but make an event of going to the local splash-pad. (Don’t try this if you don’t have kids).  My kids love to run around in the spraying water.  Even if the water is freezing.  It’s like playing in the mud, minus all the dirtiness!

7. Visit family/grandparents:

As the school year will start soon, there may be limited chances coming up to visit family and grandparents.  Take a final trip to visit them and spend some quality time together.

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Final Thoughts

The weather has been great here all summer and from the long-range forecast, it’s going to continue like that for the next few weeks.

I know it hasn’t been a normal summer, but it has been a great time to spend those extra days with our kids, just as a family.  That’s time we’ll never get back.  So, why not try doing a few final things to celebrate the summer before it’s over.

Once the kids go back to school, we’ll be starting new chaos as we do every September.  I’m going to spend the last long weekend of summer enjoying their time at home and running around.

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Still not ready for school to start?

If you’re still in full-on summer mode and haven’t started planning for school yet, check out this article on some minimalist things you can do to prepare for the upcoming school year!

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6 thoughts on “The Last Long Weekend of the Summer”

  1. I totally agree that the summer actually has been more relaxing and refreshing because we aren’t burning out! I hope some of us can carry a little bit of that with us after the pandemic is over. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’m so inspired by the list of activities you create for the babies! Life is a little experiences and not just working and starring at our phones. But what was one of your best mommy days when you actually felt like a child while out with your children

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