homemade gift, xmas gifts for teachers

The Ins and Outs of Homemade Gifts

The Ins and Outs of Homemade Gifts

As an adult I never would have made a gift for someone. I never know the ins and outs of homemade gifts. I always thought homemade gifts were tacky and weird.  Keep in mind that the homemade stuff I got was tacky and weird, so that was the benchmark.  But as a mom, making homemade gifts has it benefits. 

As it also turns out I’m not half bad at making these gifts, so I’m changing the benchmark.  Well, at least in my head.  I’m not sure what the people think on the receiving end!  

homemade gift, xmas gifts for teachers

 It seems like summer is a big time for birthdays, b/c I’ve been working on homemade gifts for the past several days.  That’s how I came to this topic, and plus, Christmas is only, what?  6 months away?  So, why not talk about the ins and outs of homemade gifts.

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The Perks of Making Homemade Gifts

Now, don’t get me wrong, if you don’t have an ounce of creativity in your body and you think any gift you make might not cut it, that’s ok!  I’m not here to judge!  There are a bunch of perks to making homemade gifts that you need to know about:

ins and outs of homemade gifts
  1. This gift is a one of a kind!  Sure there may be similar ones out there, but this is a one of a kind gift!  Kids like it when no one else what they have!  And to be honest, so do adults 🙂
  2. If you are smart about it, a homemade gift can be inexpensive.  Times are tough for a lot of people right now, so making a kick-a## gift for cheap is appealing!
  3. Making a gift by yourself can take less time than going to the store and looking for something to buy. Especially now when going to the store isn’t an easy opportunity to go browsing.   If you plan your time well and plan in advance, making a gift doesn’t take much time.  I’m not a seasoned gift maker but I can make most homemade gifts within an hour, and less time if the kids are sleeping!
  4. Homemade gifts show that you care and this can put you in their good books. 😛
  5. Homemade gifts don’t have to be crafty things.  You can make anything your heart desires…. well… you know what I mean… food, flowers from your garden, and of course crafty things!
  6. It’s an opportunity to work with your family/kids to make this gift.

How to Make Homemade Gifts

This one is tricky b/c every gift is different and every person is different. There isn’t a one size fits all solution, but here’s the steps that I take to get the perfect gift.

ins and outs of creating homemade gifts
  1. Start thinking about the gift early.  You need at least 2 days to prepare, but a week or a month is ideal.  When I say start thinking – you have to:
    1.  Think about what the person is into?
    2. What do they like?
    3. What can they use?  
    4. Have you talked to them recently?  Did they drop any clues?
    5. Is there anything they need? 
    6. Something they don’t know they need?
  2. Once your “thinking” is done, you should have an idea of what they like/would like to get.  You have to make a decision on what you’re going to make and stick with it.  You can always change your mind, but that will eat up your time if you start over.
  3.  Make it. 
  4. Hope that it turned out

I find that doing this well before the gifting event works best, as things always tend to go wrong when I leave things for the last minute.

Ideas for Homemade Gifts

I know everyone has different capabilities and not all gifts are created equally! But this list below is hopefully a quick one that you can work with!

gift cake
  1. Bake something! Or make something eatable!
    1. Cake – bake a cake! This is super easy!  I’m not a huge baker but I find a box of cake mix and pre-made icing works superb!  
    2. Chocolate Chip Cookies!  Almost every bag of chocolate chips that you buy has a recipe for cookies on the back.  You can’t go wrong!
    3. Mason Jar Dessert – you just put all the dry ingredients into a mason jar and have them add the wet on top.  Or you can make it into a frozen dessert

2.  A framed picture – This always goes over well.   It can be a special moment in time, or a silly one.  The effort of putting a picture in a frame is nothing in comparison to the sentimental value it will provide!

3.  Flowers – I’m not talking about the ones you buy in the store.  Homegrown flowers from your garden. (If you have a garden, or flowers growing there…. maybe dandelions?)

ins and out of homemade flower gift

4.  Personalize a gift – Make a customized shirt, mug, key chain or candle.  Have their name,  initials, a funny quote or just a current pop culture reference.

5. Paint a picture – If you’re into painting paint something for them.  A sunset or whatnot.  Or do a paint-night with them.  These are super affordable, and now lots of these are offered online.

6. Homemade card – Make a card!  Be it: 

    • a Birthday card, 
    • a Get Well Soon card, 
    • a Thinking of You card, 
    • a Thank You card or 
    • a Merry Christmas card.  

This is super easy and if you write a nice memorable quote it will hit the spot.

First Freebie, thank you card

Crafty Ideas for Homemade Gifts

As I have started to become a crafty person, I already have a bunch of tutorials that you can use to make some of the crafty items I described above.  Check them out in my tutorials sections, or click here.

Final Thougths

Everyone is different.  Some people are tall, some are small.  Some people like shiny objects, so like pointy objects.  But at the end of the day, people just want to be appreciated and a homemade gift really shows your appreciation for that person.  The gift doesn’t have to fantastic so long as it comes from the heart.

Homemade Gifts Still Not for You?

If this post on the ins and outs of homemade gifts hasn’t sold you on making gifts then why not just buy them the item to the right?

Was this List Helpful?

Did you find this list helpful?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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10 thoughts on “The Ins and Outs of Homemade Gifts”

  1. I love receiving homemade gifts but I wasn’t at all blessed with a crafty gene. Your site is giving me some ideas that even someone like me can pull off, thank you!

  2. This is such a neat post because I think people have the wrong idea about homemade gifts. Most people love getting a homemade gift if it’s done right because it shows you thought about what they like and took the time to create something just for them! Thanks for these great tips.

  3. Yes, I definitely agree that since everyone is different, you have to tailor their gifts to their interests or personality or even what you know about them. Thanks for sharing your tips – Josie xxx

  4. Ahhh, gift-giving! Another question I always find myself analyzing is how close are you to the person? What I love about foodie items is that you can make something and gift it to people who are close to you AND those a little more on the periphery (maybe a friend’s gift swap or office party). I love the trend towards homemade and personalized items and appreciate your great ideas! Love the post!

  5. This definitely made me start considering the idea of making gifts for all my friends and family for upcoming birthdays, and the holiday season once it’s upon us! Great concept – and so many fun suggestions here too. I love how creative you got!

  6. I love receiving tip and tricks in making homemage gifts. I’m still struggling what to choose I guess I need to give once more chance to sent one to my boyfriend.

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