The Best And Easiest Mother’s Day

Another Mother’s Day is Around the Corner

As a mother, I hesitate to plan my own Mother’s Day, but hear me out! There are lots of reasons this is a fantastic idea. If a mother is involved in the planning and creating of this day, it cannot be a disaster or a disappointment. I decided to take the lead on this event on my first ever Mother’s Day, not to be mean, but to make sure it was a success. I have now been doing this for several years, and every year I have the best Mother’s Day ever.

So, here is my reasoning

Here are some of the reasons I have been telling myself over the years and telling my hubby:

  1. Planning an event can be difficult, regardless of the event.  So, there is no point in making it more stressful and less enjoyable.
  2. I barely know what gift I want, so expecting my husband to know what I want is ridiculous. If I am not providing help and input, he is set up in a position to fail.
  3. If I help plan the day, I will not be disappointed in what happens.  I will have actively been involved and made all of the plans and suggestions I wanted for the day.

Help plan the day

Be honest with your partner. Tell them you are getting involved because you know how stressful it is to plan a perfect day. If you want breakfast in bed, say so. If you want to sleep in, say so. And, if you want nothing more than to spend the day alone, it is Mother’s Day, and you are entitled to a good day for yourself.

easiest mother's day flowers

So, to help plan this day, you need to do these things:

  1. Talk with your partner about it.  You can say you are taking over the planning for the whole day, or you can tell them exactly what you want.
  2. Know what you want.  You need to put some effort into thinking about what you want as well.  You cannot help plan the day if you have no idea.
  3. Get the kids involved. I mean, your kids are the only reason you are a mother is because of them, so you might as well get them in on the fun. 

Some ideas of great, simple, and easy things do to for Mother’s Day:

  1. Sleep In
  2. Have a hot breakfast ready and waiting for you when you wake up
  3. Brunch with your family (that way you can see your mother also)
  4. A nice family walk
  5. Having hubby run the household all day while you watch the kids play.
  6. Just a relaxing day, doing nothing with the family.

help with the gift

Let’s be honest, the gift is supposed to be from your kids. Not your husband. So what do you want from your kids?

In years past, I have spent weeks beforehand making the gifts with my kids.  That way, I would get a gift that I liked. It was great.  I got to spend time with just them, and I got a great gift to keep afterward.

Gifts from kids do not need to be expensive and elaborate. They should be something heartfelt from the kids. 

easiest mother's day flowers

With young kids, like infants and toddlers, it will be hard to have them make you a gift all on their own, but you can always be creative and make a keepsake with your child, like a hand-print picture or a drawing.

With older kids, you can get them involved in making the decision.  Let them decide what to make or buy and make an event out of it. If they want to buy you flowers, go with them and let them help pick them out. Or, you can make craft flowers together. 

Say Thank You

Even though you have been directly involved  in planning and executing the perfect Mother’s Day,  you still need to say thank you.  

  1. Say thank you to your kids. They are the reason you get to celebrate this day. To them, especially when they are little, this day is a party for them too. So make sure to thank them for their gifts and helping make the day perfect.
  2. Say thank you to your hubby. Again, even though you helped, they will have done the brunt of the work on the day of, so thank them for their help in making a wonderfully memorable day. 

What about your mother, the kids grandmother?

In my life, and I am sure in many of your lives, either your mother or your partner’s mother is still alive.  They are also a monther wanting to celebrate Mother’s Day also. And, rightfully so, as they are also still mothers. So, some of the ways we have included grandmothers in Mother’s Day celebrations at our house, which are also simple:

  1. Have a family brunch. Either at a restaurant or at your house. This way the whole family can be together to celebrate 
  2. Meet up at a park and have a family day there. You can either do a hike or just a picnic on the grass or let the kids run around on the play structures while the adults sit and watch.
  3. Have a late lunch/early dinner as a family. You can set it up as a potluck so not one person is stuck preparing and cooking all the food. 
  4. If one or both grandmothers live far away, doing a simple zoom call on the day will bring some joy to their lives. Then planning to visit afterward, if possible, is always appreciated. 

Depending on your family sizes, budget, house size, and probably numerous other factors, you can invite your siblings to attend as well.  This will allow grandma to enjoy the day to the fullest. 

easiest mother's day

Final Thoughts

Every mother is different, and the above simple best mothers day ever may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But for me, a simple and easy Mother’s Day that I can help plan but not execute entirely is wonderful.

It is a day for my children and me. Without them, I would not be a mother. I do not need all the bells and whistles and a big, over-the-top celebration. I just want to spend that time with my kids.

And one last important note, while you are celebrating your wonderful day, do not forget to call or see your mother and wish her a happy Mother’s Day as well! 

Father’s Day Come Shortly After Mother’s Day

Although Mother’s Day has not happened yet, that does not mean that Father’s Day is not also around the corner.  I take a different approach to Father’s Day, so if you are looking for some insight on that, take a read here.

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4 thoughts on “The Best And Easiest Mother’s Day”

  1. I am not sure if my wife would like the idea of planning her own Mother’s Day but I can see some moms that would really like this. Last year my wife picked out something well ahead of time so we can spend the day assembling it. But yes we always give her the day off and try to take her out to eat. And I always remember to call my momma.

    1. I know it sounds silly for a mom to plan her own Mother’s Day! And I get the hesitation, but for me it has worked. And if only the weather would cooperate this time of year! Hopefully you and the misses have a great Mother’s Day!

  2. I like how you pointed out help planning the day and the gift. My husband tries his hardest but it definitely helps him if I give a few hints on what I like/would prefer to do as our girls are too young to plan on their own!

    1. I’m not a huge fan of gifts myself, I have most of what I need. But sometimes gifts are nice. For me, it’s most important to have a nice day with the kids. Thanks for reading!

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