Osmo Genius Starter Kit and Words

Osmo Genius Starter Kit and Words

Welcome to Part 4 of the Osmo Series!

Welcome to Part 4 of my 5 Part Series about the Osmo Genius Starter Kit and Words.

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In Part 4, I’m going to discuss the next game, Words.

Osmo Genius Starter Kit

How it all began

A few weeks ago I was gifted an Osmo Genius Starter Kit for my kids. It wasn’t the full set but enough to give us an idea of what exactly it was. 

Since we got the Osmo Genius Starter Kit, we have been learning all of the games with the girls.  They are liking some more than others, and some are just not their thing… But as a mom, I’m always looking for ways to keep them engaged, learning, and doing it at a minimal cost.

Now, we move onto Game 4 – Words.

Osmo Genius Starter Kit and Words
osmo genius starter kit words part 4

Game 4 – Words

What is the game about – this game is set up like a quest where you start on a journey and as you progress with more letter/words.  You start with simple words like CAT and progress to harder words.

How do you play it – Progress through the game and fill in the missing letters.  As you progress further into the game, the words become harder.  

How much supervision is required?  This game requires some time with the kids especially if they don’t know how to spell.  Once their reading and letter comprehension increases this game becomes easier, but at first, it requires almost 100% parent participation.  Well, at least if you want them to keep playing the game.

Game score – do my kids like it?

My kids have played this game for about 3 weeks now, and they think…..  well, to be honest, they don’t ask to play this game unless we force them to sit down with it and learn…

Tips to reduce cost

I wasn’t able to find a quick way to reduce costs on this game.  You can buy the letters as a stand-alone item here but they cost ~$90 which is roughly 80% of the total price of the Genius Starter Kit. 

Similarly, as they did with the number tiles, the letters are in different colors.  You can reproduce them but this is time-consuming.  There are 2 full sets of upper and lower case letters in blue and orange/red. Reproducing the letters is possible, but time-consuming.  They are just over 1″ squares, but the program is a bit finicky if the letter isn’t the same text shape.

For the price of the letters, I would attempt to make my own letters first. 


Final Thought on Game 4

Although this game would be rather expensive on its own, it seems to have good value in learning spelling and reading.  Keep in mind, my kids have only touched the surface off this game, so the potential for good in this game is high.

I don’t think I would pay the price for just this one game, but as I mentioned, I might try making my own letters first.  It might be an evening exercise one day, but work the money you would save.

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Here I will give my final thoughts on what my kids thought? Was it worth the money? and much more!  Stay tuned!

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