Osmo genius starter kit and newton

Osmo Genius Starter Kit and Newton

Welcome to Part 5 of the Osmo Genius Starter Kit Series

Welcome to the final part of my 5 part series about the Osmo Genius Starter Kit and Newton.  

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What you’ve missed

If you missed Part 1  Click here.  In Part, 1 I review the Osmo Genius Starter Kit, what games are included, and what accessories are provided.  I also review the tangrams game and provide some tips and tricks to save some money.

If you missed Part 2 Click here.  In Part 2, I review the Masterpiece game that is included in the Osmo Genius Starter Kit.  Again, I provide some tips and tricks to save money.

If you missed Part 3  Click here. In Part 3, I review the Numbers game that comes with the set.  Although the game is lots of fun, I sadly do not have any money-saving tips in this part of the series.

If you missed Part 4  Click here.  In Part 4, I review the Words game.  A more challenging game for the kids, but this time I was able to find a trick to save some money.

Let’s Finish this off!

I’m glad you’ve joined me on this adventure!  This is the last part, so I have left some juicy tidbits for last!

If you are just joining me and are here for the final thoughts, that’s cool!  Those are at the bottom of the page.  But if you’re interested in all of the other details keep reading!

Osmo Genius Starter Kit the basics
Osmo Genius Starter Kit the basics Base Unit

How it all began

It all began a few weeks ago when I was gifted an Osmo Genius Starter kit for my kids. It wasn’t the full set but enough to give us an idea of what exactly it was. The girls loved it but of course, having two kids and only one toy is always a challenge. Over the past 4 +1 blog posts, I have gone and figured out what these games are and how to save a few pennies (where possible) on these systems.

Now, we go onto game 5, the final game of the package – Newton

Game 5 – Newton

What is the game about 

This game reminds me of The Incredible Machine from long ago…

There are 2 different options:

  • Bounce
  • Roll

In Bounce, you draw lines to make the ball bounce off the lines and hit the target.  As you progress, you have to add more lines to hit more targets.  Bounce has 61 levels.
In Roll, you draw lines and make the ball roll through the obstacles and hit the target.  This one is a bit more advanced than Bounce and it has only 18 levels. 

Osmo genius starter kit and newton

Although it claims it does not need any other Osmo Products, it does suggest the Osmo drawing board.  The Osmo attachment uses the camera and mirror to see what you’re drawing in real-time so what you draw is projected onto the screen.

How do you play it: Draw lines on your paper or board and make the ball hit the target.  You can add as many lines as you need.

How much supervision is required?  As a beginner in the game, this requires some help from the parents.  We will spend time helping with this as my little ones just don’t see how to make it all work.  But in their defense, some of them even give us a good scratch in the head.

Game score – do my kids like it

My kids have played this game for about 3 weeks now, and they think…

“can you help me please?”

Tips to reduce cost

This game doesn’t require any additional products, even though it suggests using the Osmo Drawing Board.  As I mentioned in Part 1 of this series, I just bought a whiteboard from the local dollar store and some high contrast dry-erase markers.  This saves me from killing all those trees, and it makes it easy for the kids to erase lines they don’t like and keep playing.

osmo masterpiece whiteboard

Final Thoughts on Game 5

This game is really good for helping children learn how to solve problems.  But does require some parental supervision.  

Would I Recommend the Osmo Genius Starter Kit?

The answer you’re all been waiting for… drum roll, please….

I would recommend the games within the Genius Starter Kit, yes.   

Would I have spent the ~$110+ tax for this set? Yes, I would, b/c I actually bought a second one for my kids so they could both play at the same time.

Would I buy a second one again?  After learning what I have learned?  No, I wouldn’t buy the whole set again.  I would buy the base for the Osmo, and made the pieces that I could.  As the base is only about $40, and the rest I could make with some time and ingenuity.

My kids’ favorite game?  Well…. that’s a tough one… one loves Tangrams, and the other loves a game that is not part of this set.  It’s a game called Monster but is free so long as you have installed the app and have some paper/whiteboard/Osmo Drawing board.

There are a bunch of other games available through the Osmo App, and before I buy any of them, I will be looking into any tricks that I might be able to do without having to spend all that extra money.

Was this helpful?

Was this information on the Osmo Genius Starter Kit and Newton helpful?  Did you learn anything?  Share your thought and any other tips you may have!

If you found this series informative/helpful/something you would like to see more of/interested in other Osmo tips, please drop a note below!

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  1. This game sounds like a lot of fun and will really get the kids thinking! While it does require a little more assistance than the other games, that’s a great opportunity for some quality bonding time. Right? This looks like a great kit!

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