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Osmo Genius Starter Kit and Masterpiece

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Welcome to Part 2 of my 5 part series about the Osmo Genius Starter Kit and Masterpiece the game.   

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If you missed Part 1, click here to catch up.  

In Part 1, I talk about the basics of the Osmo Genius Starter Kit – what games are included, what accessories are included, etc.  

The focus of Part 2 will be the Game Masterpiece that is part of the Genius Starter Kit. I will give you the ins and outs of the game as well as some tips to help you save some money when buying expensive learning tools for your kids.  

Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Osmo Genius Starter Kit the basics

How it all began – The Story Continues

As I mentioned in Part 1, I was gifted an Osmo Genius Starter Kit for my kids. It wasn’t the full set but enough to give us an idea of what exactly it was. As I have 2 kids and one gaming set, I had to understand the gaming system and see if there was any way I could save a few pennies and keep both kids happy. 

We had success teaching them the Tangrams game, so now we move on to Game 2.

Osmo Masterpiece
Osmo Genius Starter Kit the basics Base Unit

Game 2 – Masterpiece

What is the game about – this game helps develop drawing skills of your kids.  There are numerous categories of what can be drawn.  Animals, food, castles, pretty much anything you can think of, but most of all it also has the learning to write categories.  

How do you play it – this is pretty easy, you select a category, say animals, and then you chose the specific animal you want to draw, like an elephant for example.  You can use the Osmo drawing pad or a piece of paper to draw the image.  The neat thing about this game is that the mirror that is attached to your camera displays exactly where you are drawing, so you should be following the lines of the drawing on the screen.  In theory, your child should be able to draw the picture exactly as shown on the screen.

How much supervision is required? Depending on your child’s drawing abilities, this may be a bit of a frustrating game for them.  Especially if they are just learning to draw.  My kids are ok with the fact that they’re not great but they are trying.  

Game score – do my kids like it

My kids have played this game for about 3 weeks now, and they think…

” Can I play a different game, please?”

Tips to reduce cost

This game is designed so that you do not need to have any other Osmo products but you can buy the Osmo drawing board.

At first, we started out using paper for this game, but we were going through so much that we were worried about the remaining rain forests… so I bought a simple whiteboard at my local dollar store and some dry-erase markers and that works just fine.  High contrast colors are the best.

osmo masterpiece whiteboard

Final Thoughts on Game 2 – Masterpiece

I found this game not very engaging for my kids.    They like drawing but are not old enough to just sit and draw for hours on end.

I also found that you have to go into the settings of this game and change the time-lapse to 0 as the standard is set to 20 seconds, and that makes it difficult to draw.

Overall, not a favorite game, but perhaps in time, the little ones will like it more.

Finally, as this game doesn’t require and additional parts of pieces, or at least ones that you can make at home yourself, I think it might have been easier to just buy the Osmo base unit and play this game for a much lesser cost.

Part 3 is here!

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Stay Tuned for the Whole Series!

Make sure you stay tuned for the whole series!  

In Part 5 I will give you my final thoughts on the system! Would I buy it again?  Do my kids like it?  and much much more!

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3 thoughts on “Osmo Genius Starter Kit and Masterpiece”

  1. Thanks for your review. I’ve heard about the Osmo, and have wondered if my kids would like it. It sounds really interesting, but I know for sure the Masterpiece game wouldn’t hold their attention, so I’m glad I read this!

  2. A whiteboard sounds like the perfect solution! Fully functional and easy on the budget – what’s not to love? I’m going to have to look into Osmo further. While I don’t have kids myself, I’m ‘that’ aunt that LOVES spoiling her nieces and nephews and I could see them loving something like this!

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