How To Win The Weekend As A Parent

Parenting On The Weekend…

Being a parent is a daily challenge. There is always a new obstacle to overcome or another tantrum to deal with. And after a long week of work, and school and homework and chores, on the weekend, you just want to relax and have a win. No chaos, no stress, no running around. Just a nice weekend. But as a parent, there are always things that need to be done. There’s no way around it. But there is a way to win the weekend as a parent and not lose your cool.

This is a list of how we try to win the weekend. And so far, it has been working.

win the weekend as a parent

Accept That Not Everything Can Be Done

Things will slide, plans will change, and somethings will not get done. Do not worry about it! This is part of life. But the world will not end if you did not finish cleaning the house or if the dog missed a walk. The sooner you come to terms with this, the better. Trust me!

Make a List

I am a big advocate for making lists. But this really helps. Make a list of all the things you would like to accomplish on the weekend. Either make 1 list for both Saturday and Sunday or make 2 lists – one for each day. Put all the things you want to get done on this list. This includes things like laundry, showers, walks, homework, even eating lunch. This gives you an idea of things you need to do. In the times when there is a lull, look at the list.

It is important to remember that this is a list of things you would like to do. So not everything needs to get accomplished.

When something gets finished, just cross it off the list. I use paper, but you can do any method you like.

Make Sure You Involve Your Kids

You had kids for a reason. Make them grow into civilized people and teach them to help. You can also get them excited about doing things on the above list by adding items they want to do. I mean, you want to win the weekend as a parent, so you have to keep your kids engaged, involved, and happy!

Divide And Conquer

Sometimes you have to split up if you need to get things done. My hubby and I love to hang out as a family with the kids, go shopping, go for a walk, play at the park. But sometimes that is just not possible. And that is ok.

Napping Is Encouraged

Whenever possible, encourage naps! I mean for the whole family! Adults included! My youngest still naps, and he needs it. But I have successfully convinced my girls to take a nap on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Hubby or I will take this opportunity to also sneak one in. One of us will inevitably suffer and have to stay awake and prep food for post-nap, but at least one of us is rested. And if one of us is rested. The kids are rested post-nap, the probability of meltdowns and emotional overloads are significantly reduced.

sick kid in bed

Do Not Stress Out

The workweek is stressful enough, and so is adulting. There is no need to help your gray hair multiply. Do not stress out about the little things, and try to not stress out about the large items. The weekend should be an enjoyable time, and if you are stressed out the whole weekend, you will not have a good time.

Have Fun!

This is the most important one and often forgotten, but have fun! I know parenting is hard! I have 3 little ones, I know! But, have fun and enjoy yourself! Live in the moment and be free and happy! Laugh and play with your kids. Enjoy the weekend!

Final Thoughts

I have been a parent for several years now, and I am always learning new things about successfully parenting. Things are always changing in life, so I am constantly adapting my methods. The above list currently works to win the weekend as a parent, but I am sure it will change again shortly. Just some final thoughts to keep you winning:

  1.  Every family is different, and every family has its own needs and wants.  Do not compare your wins and failures to that of other families.  They are not you and your family.  They have their own challenges that you do not know about, so do not compare yourself to them.
  2. I am not going to claim that my suggestions are the be-all-and-end-all.  But they work for my family. The kids are happy, and so are the parents.  And at the end of the weekend, no one wants to be more exhausted than they were on a Friday after a long work week.
  3. Being a parent is a constant learning experience because the minute you figure out how to manage your kids, they grow up a bit and change the rules on you.  Take the little wins and celebrate them.
  4. Keep learning from your kids and adapting so you can keep winning.
  5. It gets easier.  I promise.  But I am not going to lie – there will also be hard times.  However, overall, it does get easier.
  6. Kids grow up fast!  Before you know it, your kids will be adults!  Enjoy the time with them, enjoy the weekends and the ups and downs.  These little creatures that you created are constantly growing and changing.  Do not blink too long, as you will miss the great moments.

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20 thoughts on “How To Win The Weekend As A Parent”

  1. Hey I love this post! I think for me what really stood out is the point about not stressing out. Kids grow up so fast and every moment is precious. Sometimes we get it right, sometimes we get it wrong! The important thing is to always do our best!

    Your content is great and perhaps we could collaborate in future some way if you’d like?

    Wishing you all the best,
    The Breaking Dad

    1. Not stressing is huge, right? It makes life so much easier and it also keeps the kids stress low! I can’t believe how big my kids are already and wasting time on stress just seems out of the question!
      Thanks for reading! Will definitely reach out about collaboration. Thanks!

  2. Martha from Mama In Shape

    Really useful advice for us parents, especially during this period where things are a lot more difficult due to the pandemic lock-down!

    1. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully you can use the tips. I find that with the pandemic it’s more important to relax and enjoy this time. And the kids are enjoying it as a result also.

  3. This is a great post and gave a lot of great tips. My favorite is including parents napping as well lol. We sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. Thank you for the reminder!

    1. Napping is sooo wonderful! I don’t know why kids are opposed to it! Hubby and I did a tag team on napping this past weekend. The kids didn’t even notice! Haha!

  4. Too true! I love your reminder to “accept that not everything will get done.” I am very guilty of getting frustrated when not everything gets done. Good post! :)

    1. Thanks for reading! I feel more satisfaction from knowing I did a few things, and not all things. If I get everything done, I always think I could have done more. And some things can just wait.

  5. This is a great article, lots of good tips. I especially love the “napping is encouraged”, lol. With 2 toddlers, I can agree that naps really make the difference.

  6. I love the part about involving your kids! That is so important because as they grow, there are things they can participate in! Plus, I know sometimes you have to get things done, but if I don’t make sure I carve out quality time with my boys, I am just a cranky mama :)

  7. I love your thoughts on this topic, especially accepting the fact that on the weekends you won’t get to everything…and to get the kids involved!

    1. Thanks! We try to involve the kids as much as we can. Sometimes we are more successful at it than others, but for some reason chores seem not to interest them much!

    1. I’m all about lists. They help me focus. That doesn’t’ mean I follow through with them, but it’s just a starting point! Hopefully you are able to give it a shot!

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