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How to Create a Successful Lunch Meal Plan

Planning is your key to success

It’s amazing how much kids can eat!  Sometimes they seem like bottomless pits and other times they refuse to eat anything at all.     But at the end of the day, they need to eat, and having a lunch meal plan makes life much easier for you and your kids.

I live off of plans and routines.  I find this makes my life much easier and much more enjoyable.  It also makes for less stressed kids.  And when  my kids started going to school, I realized I needed a lunch meal plan for my kids. 

And now that the kids have started school and the chaos has commenced, it’s time to get that lunch meal plan back into action.

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How it all started

I was getting bogged down every morning trying to figure out what to make the kids for lunch.  And it didn’t help that I had limited time as we all needed to be out the door quickly in the morning.

One Saturday evening after having a very long and hard week of making breakfasts, lunches, and dinners I realized I needed to implement a weekly lunch plan, just like I had with my weekly dinner plan.

I sat down and made a list of all the things my kids liked for lunch (and some things that were good for them that they liked less).  I wrote them all down on a simple sheet of paper.

Then I made a quick calendar (Mon-Fri) and populated items on the list.  Monday – wraps, Tuesday – pasta, etc.  I had about 3 weeks of items listed that I could make for lunches.  

The hard part was done!

Making it work

Now, I just needed to make sure when I was doing groceries I would pick up the weekly items I needed for their lunches.

There’s one tricky part… it’s a bit of a drag, but it needs to be done.  I would make the lunches in the evening after the kids would go to bed (my kids are still too young to do this themselves).  So, after the kids would go to bed, I would make their lunches and put them in the fridge.  Everyday.

But in the morning, the kids knew their lunches were in the fridge and they would pack their lunches into the school bags.  It was one less thing for me to worry about and it gave them a bit more responsibility in making sure we all got out of the house on time.

Now, when my kids are older, they’ll be helping out with making their lunches before bed so that I have less to do, but that’s still a few years out.

Need Helping getting started?

If you want help coming up with a lunch meal plan, sign up for my 3-day meal planning challenge.  It’s quick and easy and will help you get the meal plan created quickly and easily.

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Make your life soooo much easier by doing this!

Final Thoughts

And trust me, like all new habits and routines, at first this will seem a bit tough, but after a few days/weeks this will make your life sooo much easier!  I promise!

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