8 St Patrick’s Day Activities With The Family

things to make St Patrick’s day memorable

Every year, on March 17th, there is a big hoopla about St Patrick’s day. There is some religious meaning behind it, which eludes me. And honestly, I am more excited about the fun that can be had.  I am not talking about the stuff we did in our university and college years. I am talking about wholesome green fun. And I am a big supporter of green fun that is green.  So this holiday is just that for me. In past years, we have gone all out to make the day more fun for the whole family. So here is a list of some St Patrick’s Day Activities we like to do to keep the day fun.

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Fun Green Activities to do on St Patrick’s Day

Dress in Green

Several weeks before the big event, I make a quick stop at our local dollar store and pick up any additional St Patrick’s day dress-up items. From wigs to boas, hats and scarves, ties and buttons. All things green. Over the years, we have amassed quite a collection of green things. And we do stand out quite a bit.  

Once we are all dressed up, we take the dog for a walk (who also wears green). 

We get quite the looks, and lots of people honk and wave. But it is fun.

Green Food Coloring

Everything on St Patrick’s day is green, so we make sure we have a full supply of green food coloring. The kids will drink green milk, and green hot chocolate, and green apple juice. The adults will drink green beers. We do not walk around with these, but we will enjoy our green beverages out front with the neighbors.

Green Decorations

Like us, our house has to be decorated with the color green. We will get the kids to decorate shamrocks, and we will tape them on the front of the house.  

In years past, we have had shamrock walks in our neighborhood. Everyone would place some shamrocks on their houses, and everyone would go out for a walk to see who could find the most. This is always an exciting thing for the kids.

Another good decoration is green balloons.  They can be used to decorate inside and outside of the house!  Check out this quick tutorial on how to make a balloon flower.  If you remove one of the large balloons, it can turn into a shamrock 😉

Green Food

Green food sounds like so much fun, but with kids, this can be hit or miss. We try not to make our food green, as kids can be picky eaters at the best of times. But green mashed potatoes are always worth a shot! However, green deserts are all the rage! We like to make green Jell-o. We will make it in small portion sizes this way little leprechauns can have some too. 

St Patrick's Day Activities

Green Tattoos

We are big believers in temporary tattoos. They are fun and exciting, and the kids get a kick out of them. We do theme tattoos very every occasion of the year. And even for no-occasion events. But St Patty’s Day requires a few good green and shamrocky tattoos, or maybe a nice pot of gold. And the best thing about these is they can get washed off at the end of the night.

Green Movies

At the end of the day or week, depending on how long you celebrate, it is nice to sit down and watch a movie together as a family. We have not really found any St Patty’s Day movies that the kids and we like, so we settle on the new versionof The Grinch, because… well, he is green!  And because we typically still have snow outside at St. Patty’s, so it kind of fits in with the motif.

Green Pictures

Take a picture to commemorate the event. Every year after we are all decked out with our green beverages, we like to take a picture of the whole crew together. Some years we can do the photo outside, and others need to be inside due to the cold. But every year, there is a picture snapped to keep the memory alive.

Green Treasure Hunt

While at the local dollar store, I also like to pick

 up a few green plastic coins. And I will also pick up a few chocolate coins for the kids at the local bulk barn.  When the kids are not paying attention, I will hide coins around the house for the kids to find. Typically, this will occur during the day when they are around to make it appear as if the friendly leprechaun was around while they were doing something else. It always gets them excited, and they will try to find the visitor before he leaves. They have yet to catch him.  😉

St Patrick's Day Activities

Final Thoughts on St Patrick’s Day

You do not have to be religious to celebrate St Patty’s Day. Nor do you have to be Irish. You do not even need to like the color Green! It is a fun event to enjoy with your family and friends.

This year will be slightly less festive than others, as we are still in the middle of a pandemic. But we will dress in our green garb, and we will socially distance on the front lawn with our neighbors and friends. And the kids will run around like wild leprechauns on the frozen, snow-covered grass, and the dog will follow. But at the end of the day, everyone will be happy and have had a memorable day doing a bunch of green St Patrick’s day activities.  And knowing my kids, it will be “the best day EVER!”

Have a Safe and Happy St Patrick’s Day!

St Patrick's Day Activities

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8 thoughts on “8 St Patrick’s Day Activities With The Family”

    1. Hopefully you got to try some out. The kids loved the green food (we did jello this year) and they parading around in their green st Patty’s attire. It was a fun day all around. And the weather even cooperated here!

    1. We managed to have green jell-o, which was received rather well, between a “yuck”, a half eaten bowl and an empty bowl I think it was a success. And we even managed to get all of the broccoli eaten as well! Hopefully you got some green food as well!

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